World Slowed Down

We’ve walked through 2020 together, yet experienced it in a thousand different ways. We’ve all seen our worlds turned upside down, but some were shaken violently while others remained still. Some discovered the unexpected calm that came from abruptly shutting off the routines of regular life. Some reconnected with themselves or family, discovered inner strength, or fought for a greater good. Some fell victim to anger, distrust and hate. Some have sacrificed all for the sake of others. And many have lost too much. Then again, has there ever been a single year in the human experience where these things were not also true? Do our shared travels through this new pandemic world really make it any easier or harder? 

The original piano compositions on “World Slowed Down,” (, Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify) represent my own emotional journey through the last nine months while also attempting to capture some of our universally shared moods throughout this challenging and unprecedented year. The album begins with the initial hope, when the world slowed down in early 2020, that we could put our quarrels away, united for once as a human race against a common threat. Yet even in that united struggle, many experienced isolation like never before — a heart wrenching and fatiguing separation from friends and loved ones. Some of us found outlets that brought us peace or calmed the stress — creative pursuits, connecting with nature, starting new hobbies — while some of us struggled to quiet the fears and anxiety, frustration and anger that continued to grow. 

Meanwhile, world did not truly slow down after all. It turns out that we found many, many battles to wage amongst ourselves, on our screens and in our streets. And while some never needed to be fought (i.e. the dangerously unhelpful mask wars), some desperately did and still do (Which Lives Matter?). And as the cries for social justice rang out loudly, maybe for a minute we almost forgot our medical crisis as it was overshadowed by the basic questions of what it means to be human, to exist in a society together, to love one another. 

And do we still love one another? Can we still find friendship and community and connection in a world that’s always at least one shopping cart apart, our scarves and masks and shields protecting us, isolating us, hiding all our smiles? But a true smile will always show in the eyes. We have to look for the love in each other’s eyes, in our words, in our actions, in our song, and in our art. If love is strong enough to survive this year, then we are too. 

For me, this year and this album both end with a prayer of hope, as they began. Can angels’ wings lift us high above our burning skies of ash and orange? The fires have choked and engulfed us, yet even as I write this the skies have cleared and the air is clean once again. And yes, we still find ourselves covered with the heavy ash of this year, frightened and wearied with not knowing how long it will all last. But I want to believe that as long as we don’t give up on looking for the love that can be found in each other, there will always be hope for the next and brighter day.

Laura Poblete

World Slowed Down is my second album of original piano compositions. 
Released Dec. 1, 2020. Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Pandora







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