No More Broken Songs

I used to think a broken song was all I had to give 
And that bonding through our brokenness was the sincerest way to live 
But if my needy heart is blocking my own view 
How will I see the beauty that is the heart of you? 


I met a new friend today, and she is absolutely gorgeous. There is light in her eyes, energy in her spirit, and genuine love in her heart. I am inspired by her. But she’s carrying pain that threatens to overwhelm, and she fears something is broken inside. And so, not ten minutes into polite conversation, I found myself passionately telling her that she is beautiful, she is whole, and she is loved. Today, I made a stranger cry. 

We enjoy the cathartic camaraderie of melancholy angst. We are very good at bonding through our dramas and our pain. I know the pull of this. The theme of my own music has been the broken songs we share. This entire website embraces the beauty of a broken paradigm. 

Maybe it’s time we start bonding through our wholeness instead. Maybe it’s time we enter a new paradigm where we are not lacking but complete. Feelings overwhelm. Thoughts confuse and lie. But here is what is true: We are uniquely and exactly who we were created to be - a deeply loved and desired expression of the very source we flow from. We cannot be anything else. The brokenness we often feel does not change that reality. 

What if the first thing we do when we meet someone new were to tell them they are whole? What if we just declared to everybody how deeply they are loved, recklessly and indiscriminately? Some may feel uncomfortable with the intensity of such speech. Some may run away. Some may not be able to hear it at all. And some may weep. 

Imagine if we longed for all beings to recognize their own wholeness more deeply than we craved anything else in the world?
What a beautiful world this could be. 




Laura Poblete

The Broken Piano

The only song that fits and fills our soul   
Is the one who knows we were never less than whole

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