Story of the broken piano

While traveling through southern California with my family in February 2019, I came across a broken piano that had been left outside to the elements, water damaged and warped after an exceptionally rainy winter. I wondered what kind of music it was still capable of producing and wished I could sit down and try playing it, but it was blocked off with yellow caution tape and couldn't be touched. I felt sad for the piano. I took pictures because I saw so much beauty and lingering potential in its brokenness, and instinctively knew this piano’s story was going to be important to me in some way. As soon as we arrived home, I sat down and wrote a song for the broken piano with tattered keys, the song I imagine it would have wanted to play if it were still able. The melody came the first night. Lyrics followed the next, and within less than a week I had created what has unintentionally become a bit of a theme song in my life. The inspiration I felt during that songwriting process became the catalyst for a cascade of new piano creations in the months to follow. The album Broken Song is the final result.

Laura Poblete



Laura Poblete
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The Broken Piano
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