From the recording Broken Song

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Music and Lyrics by Laura Poblete
All rights reserved. © 2019 Laura Poblete


Your love has set a song
In the center of my heart.
It’s a sweet tune that’s been
With me from the start.
A song of safety, song of peace,
A gentle, calming, soft refrain.
A song of faithfulness through
Joy and through pain.
You sang with tenderness,
Sang to ease my childhood fears.
You sang with all your heart
Even when it brought you tears.
You sang with confidence
Though at times you sang alone.
You kept singing ‘till
Your song became my own.
No chords of rising anger,
No cacophony of fear.
Just a gentle, patient theme
Softly whispered, always near.
I long to teach this to my child
So that when his world runs wild
I can set him free as you have done for me.
Your love plays a melody
That does not know noise or fear.
Just this simple, ceaseless theme —
“My love is here.”