1. Days Go By

From the recording World Slowed Down

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Music and Lyrics by Laura Poblete
All rights reserved. © 2020 Laura Poblete


Time is a thief
False relief
This distance from you

Days cannot heal
While they steal
Me further from you

Clouds shift in the sky
They drift and change like you and I
Strange kind of cure that we should try
To let love die
As days go by

Rainbows pale and fade
Lost like our shadows in the shade
Could we have lasted if we stayed?
I’ll always miss you and I
Watching the days go by

We shared a dance
Missed our chance
To last forever

Days still go by
But they lie
How can I heal
When I feel
Only far from you?

Shadows in the shade
Even the rainbows pale and fade
Would it be different if we stayed?
Beautiful things
Sometimes decay
Can’t last forever

Faded, forced apart…
Would you have lasted in my heart?
Hollow relief that I must start
To let love die now as I’m
Watching the days go by

And while I miss you and I
Too many days go by

Time is a thief
Steals my grief
With distance from you

Strange way to heal
Hollow still
I know this void can’t stay forever so I’m
Watching the days go by

Can’t last forever so I’m
Watching the days go by

March 17, 2020