From the recording World Slowed Down

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Music and Lyrics by Laura Poblete
All rights reserved. © 2020 Laura Poblete


Say did you see
Your brother bleeding
On his knees
Begging please
Begging please?

Say can you hear
Your sister’s fear
As she fights
For her rights
Every day

Could it be true
Those who wear blue
Still risk their lives
To fight for me
And fight for you

And here we stand
On stolen land
I’ll take the blame
I’ll share the shame
When when our homeland truly be
Land of the free?

We’ve come this far
And yet here we are far from shore
Don’t look away
No can’t turn away anymore

And did I think
You’re just like me?
We’re not the same
We couldn’t be
Shouldn’t be

Different is strong
We can belong here
This hope of haven can’t be gone
Maybe one day we’ll all agree
How to be free

Oh say can you see
That this land of the free
Is not the same land for all
That we know it should be

Injustice fall
When we stand tall
Or we drop
To our knees

Hate has grown old
Let love be bold
Say can you see
That your life matters to me

July 4, 2020