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Fire Breathing

Your voice is silence
when the wind and storms grow loud
Your voice is thunder 
that shakes the wilderness with 
Rolling clouds and
Your voice is fire
that rains a purifying song of 
Fresh living water
to heal my spirit all night long
Your voice is laughter
the morning after
Cause freedom falls so light on me
Yet your love lands so deep I can’t speak
For you are a

Fire breathing
True song freeing
Prison break for chains
You are the dragon slaying
Child reclaiming
Absorber of all stains
Love revealing
New life sealing 
Source of everything
Lie defeating
Soul completing
Reason that I sing

Pain taking
Bondage breaking
End to every fight
You are the truth revealing
All wound healing
Power over night
Death defying
Endless source of light
You are all the wrongs made right

No longer me
That’s why I’m free
The old has died 
You live inside
But what’s left of me?
What’s left to do?
Who am I?
Compared to you?
I am a 

Fire breathing 
Truth believing
Masterpiece of art
The blazing glory of 
Your life transforming love
Made flesh and 
Housed in my new heart
With the full power of
Your all consuming love
Burning out the dark

Now I’m a fire flowing
Warm and glowing
Melted, merged in You
We are perfection walking
Freedom talking
Eternal and brand new

Each word you say
Brings a new day
Free flowing from above
Each new day I’m
A display of
Your redeeming, reckless love
A chosen home for your deep love
Home for your 

Your voice is silence
A still small fire 
within my soul
A voice that draws me, 
Speaks to my spirit
To rest right here and 
Remain whole
With eyes wide open
No longer sleeping
Your light is so bright 
I am weeping
Joy lifts me higher
Cause now my voice sounds just like you
So I just breathe now
And just this breathing
Is the sweetest purest sound
Lost in Your endless love 
I’m found

And I breathe Your 

© 2023 Laura Poblete

Far From Fear 

Somewhere I hear
Is a place far from fear
Where the heart can simply sing
Full of grace
Sunlight on your face
Childlike we’ll watch the clouds
And dream

Come take my hand
Let’s run to this land

Where meadows are soft and green
Bright with the warmth of spring I’ll stay
Here in this place
Wrapped in this love
All day

Cold rain may fall
Strong winds may blow
Rivers may flood their borders
Mountains may crumble
The land may dissolve into sea but
Long as you love me
These storms will not rage inside me

Not far from here
Is a place where the pace
Of this world cannot break through
Wrapped in grace
Here beneath the stars
Sacred and only ours
It’s true

Come meet me here
So far from fear

I’ll never break your heart
We can’t be torn apart
Shelter your soul
Here in this space my love
You’re always safe my love
And whole

Cold rain may fall
Strong winds may blow
Rivers may flood their borders
Mountains may crumble
This land may collapse far from view, the
Whole earth may tremble but
I’ll spread my love over you

Long as I love you
The storms need not rage inside you

I’ll spread my love over you 

© 2021 Laura Poblete