Laura Poblete has been playing piano on and off since the age of five, but didn’t discover a true love for the piano until recent years. Not a professionally trained or technically complex musician, Laura’s simple and soothing piano compositions focus on bringing tangible, honest, and therapeutic expression to the quietly intangible moments of meaning in our lives.

She grew up feeling a bit land-locked and mountain-deprived in the Midwest (although Nebraska sunsets are nothing to be trifled with) and since then has enjoyed living on both coasts, currently residing in California. When not playing the piano or spending time with family, Laura works as an oncology nurse. Some of her music has been inspired by her experiences with the beautiful people she has met in that world.

Broken Song is Laura’s first independent album release, comprised mostly of songs she has written and recorded in the last 2 years, although some themes and melodies reach back across the decades. See the blog entry “I am not a musician” for deeper insights on Laura’s songwriting journey.

Samples of Laura’s music can be found here and on her YouTube channel, and her album is now available on CDBaby, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon. Sign up for the mailing list to receive updates about upcoming projects.

Location: La Sierra University campus, Riverside, California