The Broken Piano

No More Broken Songs

I used to think a broken song was all I had to give 
And that bonding through our brokenness was the sincerest way to live 
But if my needy heart is blocking my own view 
How will I see the

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World Slowed Down

We’ve walked through 2020 together, yet experienced it in a thousand different ways. We’ve all seen our worlds turned upside down, but some were shaken violently while others remained still. Some discovered the unexpected calm that came from abruptly shutting…

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Which Lives Matter?

My quiet, sleepy town is restless tonight. Restless for peace. Restless for justice. Restless for so many different forms of freedom that we largely took for granted a short time ago. I keep my mask in place, trying to dodge…

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Six Feet

And just like that, two days into the shelter-in-place order, humanity already misses each other. The government mandate to stay inside and maintain six feet of separation is a bit like a parent telling a child she shouldn’t touch the…

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I am not a musician

I’m probably not supposed to admit this, but I am not actually a musician. My formal years of pre-teen piano instruction never went far beyond the traditional Bastien Piano Basics. And while I’m sure my teachers were quite excellent,…

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Story of the broken piano

While traveling through southern California with my family in February 2019, I came across a broken piano that had been left outside to the elements, water damaged and warped after an exceptionally rainy winter. I wondered what kind of music…

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